Memory and Retrieval links

A page of reading links and resources related to Memory and Retrieval (particularly in Science teaching). See also Cognitive Load links and Mastery links plus general Cog Sci links on Cognition in Science 2017 links page.


Reading links

Thanks to Adam Boxer, Deep Ghataura and Rosalind Walker for helping to compile the core links on this page. What have we missed? Tweet us, leave a comment, or tell us via this form

Blog posts

Learning Scientists:

The Learning Scientists have a huge number of posts on different aspects of memory and retrieval, Here is a selection of them

David Didau

Didau has written a number of posts summarising the research of Bjork and others, and suggesting ways that you can apply it in the classroom. Here are a few of them:

Link pages, reports and guides

There’s a number of summaries, articles and reports out there about memory and retrieval. They are generally very readable. These are a few of them.

EEF studies and reports

Research papers

Resources examples and exemplars

What have we missed? Tweet us, leave a comment, or tell us via this form

Practical resounrces from the Learning Scientists can be downloaded here.

Examples and Exemplars

  1. Adam Boxer’s retrieval roulette is “a simple Excel program that uses a list of questions and answers to generate a random 10 question quiz. “Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 23.38.32
  2. This spreadsheet programme helps you to plan interleaving and quizzing over the course of (for example) a year Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 23.44.26
  3. A couple of examples of short quiz starters from Niki Kaiser that were used to introduce new topic (Organic Chemistry) by retrieving ideas from previous topics. (ignore Q6 on second slide)



4. Damian Benney has given examples of schedules to help optimise time for spacing gaps until re-study. Both taken from here.



5. Ways of planning retrieval (and interleaving) into curriculum (Niki Kaiser).



Also links to concept tracker from this post

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 15.37.28.png

6. Ways of integrating retrieval/ spaced practice into every lesson so that it becomes expected part of routine in this post



7. These ideas for ways to plan a curriculum sequence with integrated retrieval practice come from this blog Meols Cop REsearch: Can hotel room numbers become mobile phone numbers/




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