Cognitive Load links

A page of reading links and resources related to Cognitive Load (particularly in Science teaching). See also Mastery links and Memory and Retrieval links plus general Cog Sci links on Cognition in Science 2017 links page.


Reading links

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Blog Posts

Blog posts – Dual coding

Blog posts- Ben Rogers

Ben has written thoughtfully and extensively about Reasearch-informed teaching in Science (and more generally). I’ve summaried a few examples here.

Articles and reports


Dylan William explaining Cognitive Load Theory in 5 minutes/20 slides at 2017’s Wisconsin Math Council conference

Research Articles

Resources and Exemplars

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Practical resounrces from the Learning Scientists can be downloaded here.

Examples and Exemplars

  1. Slides from a talk by Michael Seery to Edinburgh teachers 2017:

2. Worked example from Dan Williams’ blog post

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 00.43.09

3. Examples of Dual Coding from this blog post by Bunsen Blue

4. Ways to reduce intrinsic load in the classroom

5. David Paterson (Chemistry subject specialist at OCR) gives ideas on how to break ideas down in practical lessons to aid greater understanding in this blog: Practical work and cognitive load