Cognition in Science 2017 links


A page of links about Cognitive Science approaches in teaching, in preparation for our Cognition in Science Forum in July. We will use selected links from here to form our pre-reading and questions. What have we missed? Please tell us here

  • Section 1: Memory and retrieval
  • Section 2: Cognitive Load
  • Section 3: Mastery
  • Section 4: Establishing a CogSciSci network

Further details about the forum can be found here. Whether you can attend or not, we would love to know of any reading links we have missed. If you could tell us about anything we should add, please tell us here.

We would also love to hear about resources that you use, or you have created to help apply cognitive science approaches to Science teaching. Please tell us about them here.

Which questions do you think we should discuss? Do you have any comments you think we should share? Please tell us here.

Reading links

Session 1: Memory and retrieval. Reading links here

How do we integrate ideas such as spacing, retrieval practice and “desirable difficulties”, and maximise their utility, in a packed curriculum?

Page of links here

Session 2: Cognitive Load. Reading links here

How can we use approaches such as explicit instruction and worked examples to minimise cognitive load? How does this apply to practicals in science lessons?

Page of links here

 Session 3: Mastery. Reading links here

What do we mean by the term mastery? How can it be applied to teaching and curriculum design?

Page of links here

 Session 4: Establishing a CogSciSci network. Links to be added

How can we support each other to integrate these approaches into our teaching? What would be an effective way to share and collate resources?

We will collect collections of resources that already exist here

General reports and summaries – Cognitive Science in teaching. Links below



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