Reading and Research Bulletin 7

An occasional page of links that I think colleagues will find interesting.

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Some blog posts

  1. This English Department is paying to have mock papers marked externally among other things, to try and reduce workload ON HOW WE’RE MARKING PPES (MOCKS TO YOU AND ME)
  2. Ben Rogers explains how and why you can use worked examples to reduce cognitive load (in Physics)  Using worked examples to reduce cognitive load in Physics
  3. Andy Buck explains what he means by incremental coaching and how/ why you should use it Incremental Coaching
  4. Nick Rose (Evidence into Practice) summarises why cognitive science is not the same as neuroscience, and gives a potted history of a few of the main ideas and that have been applied in Education No. don’t forget everything we know about memory
  5. A slightly different approach to resilience and mindset from Joe Kirby (stoicism) Staying Stoical in School
  6. Vicki Barnett summarises how she has helped Y11 approach revision using metacognition Metacognition and revision
  7. A post about Threshold Concepts (in Chemistry): Hurdles and Bottlenecks in ionic bonding
  8. And a couple of posts about teachers who have made tough decisions to leave their jobs due to external pressures (funding and Brexit) Leaving and Rebirth and taking stock

Some research posters


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