Research and Reading Bulletin 1

An occasional page of links that I think colleagues will find interesting.

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  1. Independent Learning: Marking and Feedback from Wellington Learning and Research Centre. Also from Wellington: Getting Gritty with it – a paper about student self-perception with Harvard GSE.
  2. Research paper: Online Mathematics Homework Increases Student Achievement
  3. Evidence-based reccomendations from WWC: Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively
  4. Guidance from Sandagogy to help students revise effectively on their own.
  5. Articles for the next reading group with a Hattie theme.
  6. Hattie- What Works Best in Education:The Politics of Collaborative Expertise and a summary of it: tweet of sketch
  7. Spacing: Optimal time for gaps until re-study? Blog by , shared by Dylan William
  8. Two blogs from our own school. One about Threshold Concepts using ideas from number 7, one summarising our CPD programme (and the no-blame ethos behind it).
  9. New education podcast The Ed Files
  10. From The Learning Scientists: Listening to Music while Studying: A Good or a Bad Idea?