Reading and Research Bulletin 3

Issue 1, Issue 2


  1. What the hell am I assessing? And why? (Toby French @MrHistoire)
  2. Why implement Harkness? (Wellington Learning @wellylearning)
  3. Assessing assessment- our testing journey (Ben Newmark @bennewmark)
  4. Growth Mindset- more evidence (Alex Quigley @HuntingEnglish)
  5. Struggle and Success (David Didau @LearningSpy)
  6. Frequency of feedback- is there a better way? (Mr O’Callaghan @MrOCallaghanEdu)
  7. You can catch a bad mood (Psychology Today @PsychToday)
  8. Don’t abandon new mothers to maternity leave- keep us working (Emma Sheppard @maternityCPD)
  9. Diving, marginal gains (and verbal feedback) (Niki Kaiser @chemDrK )
  10. Benefits and perils of using movies in education (Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel @pimpmymemory)











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