Reading and Research Bulletin 6

An occasional page of links that I think colleagues will find interesting.

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Some blog posts

  1. A blog by Vicki about how she used the Harkness approach in A level History lessons Harkness – the fad that’s worth the fuss
  2. A few blogs about homework: An Ofsted homework survery Ofsted blog: What parents told us about homework An analysis of pupil/ parent views to homework from one school Analysis of results for homework survey and analysis of some tech that helps teachers distrubute homework evenly and not overload pupils Latest Tech vs Homework Schedules
  3. Some posts about CPD: from  Tom Sherrington Team Culture is King, and that’s not necessarily good and Harry Fletcher-Wood Why good Professional Development still fails
  4. Some excellent evidence-based revision booklets from Damian Benney How to revise and Andy Lewis Metacognition for KS4-5
  5. A post about resilience (and challenge) from Chris Chivers On Resilience
  6. Ethical issues teachers should think about before conducting research from Nick Rose:  Ethical Issues in Teacher-led Research
  7. Some posts about Mastery: Drill and Thrill and 27 tips for mastering anything
  8. I loved this post about rote learning (and bar mitzvahs… and midwives….) In praise of Off by Heart
  9. Is practical work worth doing in Science lessons? Practical: the fallacy of Induction

Some research papers about testing…

A few things to watch

…and a research poster

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