Reading and Research Bulletin 4

An occasional page of links that I think colleagues will find interesting.

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  1. What is worth reading for teachers interested in research? from Prof Rob Coe (@ProfCoe )
  2. Developing laboratory skills by incorporating peer-review and digital badges  Seery et al. via Michael Seery (@seerymk)
  3. Cognitive Load Theory – “the single most important thing for teachers to know” by Greg Ashman (@greg_ashman)
  4. What are communities of practice? by Nicole Brown (@ncjbrown)
  5. Do We Know a Successful Teacher When We See One? Experiments in the Identification of Effective Teachers Strong et al. via Harry Fletcher Wood (@HFletcherWood)
  6. The Evidence-Informed School System in England: Where Should School Leaders Be Focusing Their Efforts?  Brown and Greany via Toby Greany (@TobyGreany)
  7. How (and why) to read Scientific Research Papers – a student’s perspective via Niki Kaiser (@chemDrK)
  8. Growth Mindsets in a fixed system by Debra Kidd (@debrakidd)
  9. Putting Students on the Path to Learning -the Case for Fully Guided Instruction Clark et al. via Paul Kirschner (@P_A_Kirschner)
  10. Facts, lies, feelings and proof: why cognitive biases matter and what we can do about it. by Denise Elizabeth (@Denise_E_C)
  11. And finally, a range of Hattie links:

Hattie Effect Size 2016 Update

The school research lead and another nail in the coffin of Hattie’s Visible Learning

Reading Group and Hattie (1): trepidation, preparation and discussion

Reading Group and Hattie (2) Inspiration (and pragmatism)

Hattie links











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