Links to items, sites, pages and articles about teaching, learning and research.


NDHS Journal Club linksSpreadsheet of links to articles used at original Journal Club meeting


Knowledge organisersCollection of  from wide range of subjects. NOTE: Please don’t delete or move the folders or documents to somewhere else on your Google Drive – you are working with a a shared folder, so if you delete/move anything, you are moving them for everyone else. Just download any you need. You can then upload them again to your own Drive folders if necessary.

Science Teaching Journal Club: Site with a rich collection of research articles (and related discussions).

Class Teaching: Blog site managed by Shaun Allison, Deputy Head at Durrington High School, West Sussex, England, and which has inspired many of the ideas on this site.

Research in 100 words: “Simple summaries for busy teachers.” Current research summarised and collected in a Dropbox account.

33 Books every teacher should read: Article from TES