Hattie links

Links for Reading Group meeting on Hattie


1) An introduction to Hattie’s work and why 0.4 is the important yardstick: Visible Learning

2) A good one for raising some debate: Class size has little influence on the quality of teaching

3) A nice summary of some of the key points of Hattie’s work: What is Visible Learning?

4) For the generation that doesn’t read. An explanation of self-reported grades. https://vimeo.com/41465488

5) This book review casts a critical eye over Visible Learning: Book review: Visible Learning

6) David Didau casts a critical eye over Hatties research: John Hattie and the magical power of prediction (about self-reported grades)
and here: The Unit of Education (about effect sizes)

7) A blog, which has been created to crowd-source and contest the evidence that John Hattie presents in his 2009 book Visible Learning: Visible Learning (collection of critiques)