Keep an eye on the quiet, studious ones, too

she said “it really stuck in my head that you once noticed that I was overwhelmed and took me out of the class… to tell me that I needn’t be so worried and needn’t finish my homework for you so that I could rest. Most year eights would probably love a night off of homework, to be fair, but you noticed that I needed that, and I did.”


Growth Mindset and GRIT (a quest for better learning behaviours)

Growth mindset has a ring of truth to it, but will require organisational change as well as changes to classroom practice. We don’t want Growth mindset to end up on the pile of discarded educational fads. We plan to take things slowly, look for evidence of positive impact, and work on improving our own mindsets before lamenting a lack of resilience in the students in our care.

Everybody needs (a secret buddy)

The idea is simple. You are assigned a buddy, and it is your job to cheer them up over the course of the year with little gifts, notes, and acts of kindness. The “secret” part is that you don’t know who your buddy is.

Have we overcomplicated teaching?

Our conclusion was yes- we probably have overcomplicated teaching in some ways. And, although we didn’t always agree with the changes in approach that Jo describes, we have all reflected on our practice this week and asked ourselves what we do , why we do it, and who we do it for. And this was valuable.
I think our take-home message from this session was that we should all think about what we can stop doing, as well as what we can start doing. Yes- we possibly have overcomplicated teaching, and it is right that we question what we do (and why).

Be Here Now (mindfulness and well-being)

Michael ran a number of mindfulness courses for staff.
The NHS website introduces mindfulness as “paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you” because it “can improve your mental wellbeing” so that you can “enjoy life more and understand [yourself] better.”