Science Journal Club resources (1) – Nutrient Deposition in the Atlantic Ocean

In our most recent meeting, we read a paper about nutrient deposition in the Atlantic Ocean, and one of the authors came along to the session. I thought it might be helpful if I shared the paper we read, along with some background information, and the questions I wrote to go with it. Please feel free to use any of the resources linked to here.


Threshold concepts (initial ideas)

This post is written by NKA. ResearchED Rugby I was lucky enough to attend the ResearchED meeting in Rugby at the weekend, and came back having learned a great deal. A session that had particular impact on me was lead by Ruth Powley: Planning curriculum sequences that enhance permanent learning in a linear curriculum. Ruth…

Journal Club – Metacognition (part 2)

This post is written by VBA. Metacognition and “thinking about thinking” became a real focus of mine with my Year 10 GCSE class after reading about the low cost – high impact that it can have on a student’s performance in this report from the Educational Endowment Foundation. I followed this up by reading blog articles about teachers who…