Reading Group and Hattie (2) Inspiration (and pragmatism)

The concept of Hattie’s ‘visible learning’ is clever. It’s a meta-analysis of many educational research papers (a study of the studies). The key premise is that Hattie evaluates educational practice in terms of its’ effect size on progress. However, when you flick through the pages at the end of a long day (or at the beginning of a short day) you’re bombarded with statistical analysis, which can be a little hard to swallow.


How can we support pupils who feel they always fail?

Picture quiz Here’s a picture quiz for you. I used it with my year 11s the other week. What’s the connection? The connection is a man called Jack Maitland. He has coached the Brownlee brothers since they were teenagers, and helped them to win their 4 Olympic medals. He also coached Leeds Triathlon Club (now…

Have we overcomplicated teaching?

Our conclusion was yes- we probably have overcomplicated teaching in some ways. And, although we didn’t always agree with the changes in approach that Jo describes, we have all reflected on our practice this week and asked ourselves what we do , why we do it, and who we do it for. And this was valuable.
I think our take-home message from this session was that we should all think about what we can stop doing, as well as what we can start doing. Yes- we possibly have overcomplicated teaching, and it is right that we question what we do (and why).

Reading Group 1

This year, our Journal Club has been integrated into the new CPD programme, so we have fomed a Reading Group. People can come along and talk about something they’ve read, or listen to others talking about things they’ve found interesting, and it gives us the chance to discuss them. After a slight biscuit-related hitch (I’d forgotten to buy…