How I use…. Cognitive Science in (Science) teaching

Sarah (our Head of Biology) has a strong background in Psychology, as well as in Science teaching, which means that she has integrated principles from CogSci into her practice for a while now. I’m sharing some of her ideas here.


How I use… student voice

This post outlines a few ways that I use student voice to help me support my students, to inform my planning, and to help shape the curriculum.

How I use mini whiteboards

When I started my PGCE in 2006, mini whiteboards seemed to be everywhere (although I got the feeling it was only recently that they had become so ubiquitous), and I was encouraged to use them regularly.

But I never really warmed to them, if I’m honest. I found them a bit of a faff, and I tended to assess learning in other ways.

Having said that, I do use mini whiteboards, and I do still use them regularly (if not frequently).
Despite the “faff factor”, I do think mini whiteboards have a number of positive points: