8 Questions, 8 Reading Lists

No-blame culture of judicious risk-takers

We have re-designed our CPD programme this year, underpinned by a desire for a no-blame culture where we take risks in the classroom based on judicious use of evidence-informed strategies. Teachers have chosen a PM question to work on, based on their own development and our whole-school aims.

Last week, teachers met up with others who have chosen to work on the same area (Teaching and Learning groups). They were given a list of suggested techniques as a starting point, and a reading list. We gave all groups both lists, because we thought that there would be some teachers who would simply want to be given something to go away and try out, but there would be others who would rather read about it, and work out what to do themselves.


Teachers discussed their question, and the resources given, and designed an action plan. They have paired up with others, so that they can carry out supportive peer-observations next term.


Our next step is to evaluate the process and also to fine-tune the resources we give to teachers. We have asked staff to fill in an evaluation questionnaire, and to tell us about the resources they’d like us to source before the next meeting.

Reading lists

You can find our reading lists here.




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